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Edinburgh’s first Cicchetti bar

Cicchetti is traditionally a selection of snacks served with drinks in Venice. Now served in city bars all over Italy, true Italian tapas, simple, fresh small plates to share or eat alone. In Italy we eat when we drink.

small bowls of deliciousness
broad bean, mint & ricotta
Prosciutto San Daniele, fig & honey
Zucchini fries
Panna Cotta & Scottish strawberries

caring is sharing

Don’t just take our word for how good we are...

West Room is the opposite of a cynical establishment. Hard working, top drawer sourcing, it talks up, not down, to its customers. Italian, in the very best way.

Joanna Blythman (the Guild of Food Writers Food Writer of the Year 2018)
The Herald 23/12/18

Food: 9/10    |    Atmosphere: 8.5/10    |    Value for money: 10/10    |    Service: 9/10

contemporary, stylish, relaxed
enjoy our fine selection of seductive cocktails